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Millionaires’ Survey

Remember the famous TV game show host who looked to his contestants and said….”Survey says…?”

Well, in a recent survey of millionaires from all over the world, they were asked to name their biggest financial regret. Guess what their #1 answer was from below?

A) Not paying close enough attention to asset performance
B) Took too much risk
C) Too much debt
D) Missed out on a blockbuster IPO
E) Not having a financial plan earlier in life

Their #1 answer will surprise you . . . It is E. Almost 60% of people with investable assets of more than $1 million say they regret not starting a personal financial plan earlier in life. That was more than 3x the second biggest regret (A) which was picked by 18% of the respondents.

According to Nigel Green, founder of the deVere Group, who conducted the survey, “The poll shows that the No. 1 regret of high-net-worth individuals was not putting in place a robust plan for their personal finances which could be efficiently and regularly reviewed.”

We strive to solve this problem every day at Advanced Wealth Preservation, Inc. We help successful clients reach their financial goals using different products and strategies. But the one thing we work together on is making sure they all have a plan that’s monitored and reviewed regularly to make sure they reach their goals.

Some people are better planners than others. But if you have investible assets in the millions, you need a plan…and an advanced one at that. “Waiting for interest rates to rise” and “I hope the market continues its rally may not be the best plan. We like to remind clients…”Hope” is not a plan.

If you find yourself describing your current plan using the words “hope” and waiting”, give us a call or email us to learn how you can eliminate those words from your plan. Only you can control whether you pick answer (E) on the questionnaire above. Your future is now.

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