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Portfolio Management

Get Market Performance and Protection for Your Savings and Investments

Managing partner, Mark MacDonald provides money management services as an investment advisor representative at Brookstone Capital Management. Brookstone is one of the fastest growing investment advisory firms in the U.S. today with over $1 billion dollars under management.

Brookstone Capital Management (BCM) is an SEC registered investment advisor firm offering independent, risk-managed investment strategies. These strategies span conservative, moderate, and growth orientations to help meet the specific needs and risk tolerances of individual clients during various market conditions. Brookstone’s Founder and CEO, Dean Zayed is a leading specialist on tactically managed money, and he is often seen on CNBC and other leading financial media. Brookstone works exclusively with brokerage firm T.D. Ameritrade so clients can monitor and access their money in real time.

Brookstone and Advanced Wealth Preservation believe wealth creation is created by compounded growth while avoiding large market drawdowns. Brookstone offers Advanced Wealth Preservation clients both proprietary and non-proprietary funds to help them achieve their investment goals.

If your investment goals are market performance with market protection, call or email us today and we’ll send a free custom report that shows how your current portfolio looks in both bull and bear market conditions. We will also tell you more about our proprietary investments that can only be found at Brookstone Capital Markets.

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