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Wealth Preservation and Estate Planning

Leave More Of Your Money to the People You Love Most When You Are No Longer Here

One of the biggest negative wealth transfers can occur at death. How you preserve and structure your assets before you die can be the difference between hundreds of thousands…to millions of dollars of lost money to unnecessary taxes.

Our referral team of estate planning specialists help people with accumulated assets build a legal wall around their wealth so they can give most of their money to their loved ones at death. We specialize in setting up and funding tax-reduction entities and structures, annual gift giving and tax-advantaged investments and insurance.

Once we  understand your wealth transfer wishes, we utilize advanced wealth preservation strategies and products to help you most efficiently and effectively achieve your legacy goals.

Our team of affiliate estate planning specialists help structure trusts, agreements and specialty products so your beneficiaries receive more of your hard-earned money when your estate passes to them. Our area of expertise includes:

And much more . . .

Bottom line, the bigger your assets…the more you need a pro-active wealth transfer plan.

Contact us today to learn how our team of advanced wealth preservation specialists can help pass the majority of your wealth to the people and organizations you love most. If you don’t you are letting Uncle Sam do your estate planning.

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